About Us

About Us

Our team represents Princeton University in all ICSA (College Sailing) competitions and within our conference — MAISA (Mid-Atlantic Region). Recently, Princeton Sailing has undertaken the goal of ascending the ranks of College Sailing once again. Since 1929, our team has allowed hardworking students to escape onto the water a few times a week. At one time, Princeton was a national powerhouse in our sport, winning nine national championships in all, including four straight Women’s Championships from 1974 to 1977. Now, our goal is to build a program that can compete at that level once again, but we know it will be an arduous process.

Consisting of nearly 30 sailors, we thrive off our tight-knit community that strives for excellence, but makes sure to have plenty of fun while doing so. We are a program built on student leadership with an Officer Board consisting of ten sailors deliberating on most decisions off the water.

Our team currently has two main practice locations. For shorter practices, we sail right on campus at Lake Carnegie, a location well-suited for maneuver and accelerations drills. For most of our practices, we commute to Anchor Yacht Club right across the Delaware River in Bristol, Pennsylvania. This is a new training venue that we started a partnership with in 2021. Last fall, our sailors traveled to the venue three times a week to practice at a location that emulates many other college sailing venues. This will enable our program to grow dramatically on the competitive level.  In the upcoming Spring season, we will have a full membership with Anchor Yacht Club where our sailors will be able to train for regattas five times a week . Currently, our fleet consists of 12 FJs and one 420.

If you are a recruit, feel free to email our Coach Jeremy Fraser (fraser.jeremy13@gmail.com)  or Commodore Isabella Impalli (iimpalli@princeton.edu) to schedule a visit or ask a few questions! Alumni or other supports, please feel free to reach out as well! Also, check out our recruiting flyer below