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Special thanks to Aliya Ismagilova ’22 for our roster pictures


Aliya Ismagilova
[roster name="Aliya Ismagilova" role="Crew" year="2022" image="" home="London, United Kingdom"] Aliya is a senior in the Computer Science department. Back home in London, Aliya sails with the RYA, and grew up using the metric system. She joined the Princeton Sailing Team in 2019, and is the team’s resident photographer. Outside of sailing, Aliya enjoys reading, going to art galleries, video games, and playing field hockey. [/roster]
Connor Larson
[roster name="Connor Larson" role="Skipper" year="2022" image="" home="Greenwich, CT"] Connor Larson is a senior from Greenwich, CT. He grew up racing Lasers and 420s for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto. On campus, he's studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering and is involved with the Ski Team and the International Relations Council. Also enjoys kitesurfing, hiking, and watching baseball. Connor is looking forward to another season of good times on and off the water! [/roster]
Will Mandelbaum
[roster name="Will Mandelbaum" role="Skipper" year="2022" image="" home="NYC, NY"] Will is a senior history major from New York City. He was fleet captain as a freshman and treasurer as a sophomore. He grew up sailing, as a skipper, on Long Island at the Southold Yacht Club. [/roster]
Lucy Norton
[roster name="Lucy Norton" role="Skipper" year="2022" image="" home="Washington, DC"] Lucy is a senior from Washington, DC majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. She grew up racing Optis and 420s as a skipper for the Quissett Yacht Club in Falmouth, MA. Lucy joined the team her freshman year, during which time she served as Tech Chair. She is excited to be back sailing after a mysterious two-year absence from the team, and hopefully the underclassmen will now actually know who she is. Outside of sailing, Lucy is an Orange Key tour guide and a member of the Society of Women Engineers. [/roster]
Oliver Nusbaum
Crew, Skipper
[roster name="Oliver Nusbaum" role="Crew" year="2022" image="" home="Rye, NY"] Oliver is a Senior who previously served as Social Chair of the team. At Princeton, he is studying Art History and Finance. He began sailing when he was six years old, learning to sailing Optis and 420s at Camp Seagull in North Carolina, and spending his later summers racing at American Yacht Club. In high school, he took a hiatus from competitive sailing to pursue crew, before being lured back to sailing at Princeton by the rigorous practice schedule and wholesome vibes. [/roster]
Jorge Zreik
[roster name="Jorge Zreik" role="Crew" year="2022" image="" home="Miami, FL"] Jorge is a Senior from Miami who had no sailing experience until Princeton. After joining the team, he learned how to sail and became the team's starting A-fleet crew, usually sailing with A-fleet skipper Connor Mraz. Aside from competing in regattas, Jorge has also taught new members of the team the ropes of the sport, especially from a race strategy and crewing perspective. Jorge is a Computer Science major with certificates in Chinese and Entrepreneurship. He is also the team's Tech Chair Emeritus and created this website! [/roster]
Quinn Donohue
[roster name="Quinn Donohue" role="Elder" year="2022" image="" home="a retirement home"] "When Quinn was in college, I was in middle school" - Vincent Nguyen [/roster]


Calif Chen
Practice Captain, Crew
[roster name="Calif Chen" role="Crew" year="2023" image="" home="San Leandro, CA"] Calif is a junior from San Leandro, California, and the team's practice captain! She has never sailed before college but enjoys being out on the water, even after a traumatic practice of capsizing three times. She is currently one of the top crews on the team and compete in regattas during the season. Aside from competing, she organizes team practices with Coach Jeremy. Calif is a SPIA major with an environmental focus.[/roster]
Nelson Chow
Alumni Outreach Chair, Crew
[roster name="Nelson Chow" role="Crew" year="2023" image="" home="Lynbrook, NY"] Nelson is a Junior from Long Island, New York. His first time sailing was on Lake Carnegie during the fall of frosh year. He has a habit of dropping bailers and water bottles out of the boat. He is a premed studying Molecular Biology and Global Health here at Princeton. [/roster]
Nikhil De
Skipper, Crew
[roster name="Nikhil De" role="Skipper, Crew" year="2023" image="" home="Fort Worth, TX"] Nikhil is a junior from Fort Worth in the Computer Science Department. He started sailing at Princeton and now skippers and crews. Last summer he sailed RS Aeros and Quests out of Viridian Sailing Center in Arlington, TX. Outside of sailing he plays bass and guitar in the jazz department and is an officer in Princeton’s largest undergraduate consulting group. He is known among the team for his passion for pickles. [/roster]
Isabella Impalli
Commodore, Crew
[roster name="Isabella Impalli" role="Crew" year="2023" image="" home="Hasbrouck Heights, NJ"] Bella is a junior on the team majoring in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. She joined Princeton Sailing with no prior sailing experience but is grateful to have learned the sport at a competitive level alongside such an amazing team. After serving as the team's Secretary, then Practice Captain, she is excited to assume the role of Commodore this year. Outside of sailing, Bella enjoys playing the piano, laughing way too much at her own jokes, and spending time with her friends. [/roster]
Katie Kruse
[roster name="Katie Kruse" role="Crew" year="2023" image="" home="NYC, NY"] Katie is a junior from New York City studying Economics with a minor in Sustainable Energy Studies. She started sailing when she was eight years old, learning to sail sunfish and 420s at Camp Seafarer in North Carolina. She joined the sailing team her freshman year, and served as the social chair of the team her sophomore year. [/roster]
Connor Mraz
Regatta Captain, Skipper
[roster name="Connor Mraz" role="Skipper" year="2022" image="" home="Brooklyn, NY"] Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Connor grew up sailing in Chester, Nova Scotia before sailing year-round on the Long Island Sound for LISOT. Connor won the 2015 US Youth Team Racing National Championship, and sailed 420s and J70s competitively up until his arrival on campus. At Princeton, he has sailed as A-Skipper since Fall 2018, winning A-division on four occasions. Besides sailing, Connor is the President of the Princeton Jungle Fan Group and studies History with a certificate in African Studies. [/roster]
Benny Rosenzweig
[roster name="Benny Rosenzweig" role="Skipper" year="2023" image="" home="Mount Kisco, NY"] Benny is a Junior from Mount Kisco, NY. He grew up sailing Optis on Long Island Sound and picked sailing back up when he joined the team as a Sophomore. Outside of sailing Benny plays the saxophone, chess, and can do 21 fitness gram pacer test push-ups. If he can pull himself together, Benny will be graduating with an ORFE degree. [/roster]
Robert Rubin
Skipper, Crew
[roster name="Robert Rubin" role="Skipper, Crew" year="2022" image="" home="West Palm Beach, FL"] Robert is a junior in the ORFE department who has never sailing competitively before coming to Princeton. Initially starting as a crew, he is now mostly skippers but will also crew in heavy wind. Outside of sailing, he enjoys running, swimming, and spending time with his two dogs. [/roster]


Anna Eaton
[roster name="Anna Eaton" role="Crew" year="2024" image="" home="Princeton, NJ"] Anna was one day running on the towpath when some random men pulled up in a van. She got in and the next thing she knew she was neck deep in water next to a boat in the Shrewsbury River. It was cold but they gave her a sweater which was pretty nice of them. So now it looks like she's part of the sailing team. [/roster]
Asher Green
Treasurer, Skipper
[roster name="Asher Green" role="Treasurer, Skipper" year="2024" image="" home="Newport Beach, CA"] Asher is a sophomore and Economics major from Newport Beach, California. He currently serves as treasurer for the team and is skilled in the handling of all the team's liquid assets. He began sailing Optis and Sunfish at 10 and later skippered FJs for the Corona del Mar High School sailing team. He loves vibing with the team on and off the water.[/roster]
Isabel Kim
[roster name="Isabel Kim" role="Crew" year="2024" image="" home="Maplewood, NJ"] Isabel is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Film Studies. She started sailing this year at Princeton as a crew and has loved being a part of the team. Outside of sailing, she is involved in Rocketry Club, Princeton Film Productions, and the Space Physics Lab Group. [/roster]
Maxwell Lawrence
University Liaison, Skipper
[roster name="Maxwell Lawrence" role="Skipper" year="2024" image="" home="NYC, NY"] Maxwell joined the team in September of his freshman year. He started sailing competitively in Optimists at age 11 and started racing in C420's when he was 12. Maxwell currently sails out of Point O' Woods Yacht Club. He has also competed in the Larchmont Yacht Club Interclub fleet and was on the Oakcliff Sailing 470 team. [/roster]
Chai Mauliola
Gear Committee, Crew
[roster name="Chai Mauliola" role="Crew" year="2024" image="" home="Fort Walton Beach, FL"] Chai is a computer science sophomore who began sailing at Princeton. His other water - related interests include wakeskating, bodyboarding, and kayaking. He is looking forward to spending more time on the water this season! [/roster]
Oliwia Morska
Gear Committee, Crew
[roster name="Oliwia Morska" role="Crew" year="2024" image="" home="Poland born, Chico California raised"] Oliwia is a novice sailor who joined on a whim but has since come to love the sailing teams passion for boats and liquids. Oliwia is looking to pursue the crew position, but is not looking forward to her first, inevitable capsize. Off the water, Oliwia volunteers as a running coach, works at the campus gym, studies neuroscience as a pre-med student, and enjoys ceramics and works on the sailing gear committee to bring us all the coolest swag. Bucket hats coming soon. [/roster]


Avi Attar
Gear Committee, Crew
[roster name="Avi Attar" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Newton, MA"]Avi is a freshman who had never sailed before joining the team. He is a prospective School of Public and International Affairs major, and is also planning on pursuing certificates in Values and Public Life as well as History and the Practice of Diplomacy. His other boat-related interests include whitewater rafting. In addition to being on the Gear Committee, Avi is also the team's resident expert on proper storage of photographs.[/roster]
Virginia Cobbs
[roster name="Virginia Cobbs" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Birmingham, AL"] Virginia is a freshman from Birmingham, AL hoping to study Ecology and Evolutionary biology. She narrowly escaped being a part of the class of 2024 by spending her gap year studying Parkinson’s Disease at UAB. She has no pre-Princeton sailing experience but has read Sailing for Dummies. In her free time, she enjoys taking videos with her drone. [/roster]
Hali Liu
[roster name="Hali Liu" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Overland Park, KS"] Hali is a first-year from Overland Park, KS. She has never sailed before coming to Princeton (being from Kansas really does hinder that opportunity). On campus, Hali is also involved with Princeton Club Tennis and is a prospective Neuroscience major. [/roster]
Carly Mraz
[roster name="Carly Mraz" role="Skipper" year="2025" image="" home="Brooklyn, NY, USA"] Carly Mraz is a first-year on the Sailing team, but she has sailed her whole life in Nova Scotia. Carly is a prospective Political Science major, but she is also interested in Environmental Science and History. Along with sailing, Carly spends time working as the assistant to the dance faculty in the Lewis Arts Center, and she is a member of the Princeton Conservation Society. [/roster]
Vincent Vinh Nguyen
University Liaison, Crew
[roster name="Vincent Nguyen" role="University Liason, Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Houston, TX"] Vincent is a freshman from Houston, TX (he's actually from a little bit north of the city near The Woodlands but nobody knows where that is so Houston suffices). He joined the sailing team in the fall semester without much previous experience. Vincent is planning on concentrating in the math department. [/roster]
Eddie O'Keefe
Social Chair, Crew
[roster name="Eddie O'Keefe" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Ridgewood, NJ"] Eddie is a freshman from Ridgewood, NJ and is the Social Chair of the team. He has prior experience sailing FJs and 420s recreationally, and he currently competes as a crew on the team. Eddie's biggest Social Chair project to date has been connecting with other teams in the MAISA conference to create a fun, interconnected regatta community. Eddie's academic interests include economics, computer science, and math. Besides sailing, he enjoys hiking, surfing, skiing, and running. [/roster]
David Kwon
[roster name="David Kwon" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="NJ"] David is a first-year who plans on studying both neuroscience and psychology at Princeton and will apply for medical school. He is from Demarest, New Jersey, and has no prior sailing experience, but is happy to be on the team. He enjoys volunteering and reading in his free time. [/roster]
Alexandra Roberts
[roster name="Alexandra Roberts" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Las Vegas, NV"] Alexandra is a freshman from Las Vegas, NV. She started sailing her freshman fall with her first time ever sailing being on Carnegie. Alexandra is a prospective Economics major thinking of a certificate in Environmental Studies. She enjoys spending her time trying new foods and taking breaks to get on the water. [/roster]
Ellen Toberman
Social Media Chair, Crew
[roster name="Ellen Toberman" role="Crew" year="2025" image="" home="Janesville, WI"] Ellen is a first year in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. [/roster]
Jasper Waldman
Fleet Captain, Skipper
[roster name="Jasper Waldman" role="Skipper" year="2025" image="" home="Brooklyn, NY"] Jasper is a first-year from Brooklyn, New York. He grew up sailing out of Chester Yacht Club in Nova Scotia. Over a gap year, he spent time working in the industry as a rigger and building experience in both skiffs and keelboats. He intends on concentrating in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with a goal of pursuing a career in the professional sailing world. [/roster]
Bracklinn Williams
Tech Chair, Skipper
[roster name="Bracklinn Williams" role="Skipper" year="2025" image="" home="Silver Spring, MD"] Bracklinn is a freshman from the DC area. She has a little bit of experience sailing Sunfish, which she is putting to use as a skipper for the team. She is also the current tech chair. Outside of sailing, Bracklinn is a prospective math major, a member of Princeton's Chapel Choir, and an overzealous dorm-room gardener. [/roster]